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It's announcement time! I'm so excited you are getting these foil-embossed cards- the quality is top-notch and I've just not seen any better cards out there. As an admitted paper-snob, they get my heart all a flutter. 

Below you'll find little videos so you can see the shimmery foils in action. (For the love of heaven, just mute your computer so you don't have to hear my dad talking in the background, lol!)  These two-sided, 5x7 cards are printed on thick pearl (for a little extra shimmer) or matte paper and pressed with the metallic foil design that you choose on one side. 


You can browse the foil templates by category below. Just let me know which image you want to feature under your chosen foil embossing and 1-3 images you'd like to feature on the back. Feel free to ask for design help- I'm happy to make suggestions. 

Once you confirm the message you want printed on the back, I'll design your cards and we'll get them ordered asap!