Lindsey + Chris, Harper's Ferry Engagement Session


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Harper’s Ferry on a warm Saturday, you know that it is packed with a mix of history fans and trail hikers. Bright yellow life-vest clad adventurers floating down the Potomac River on inner-tubes and kayaks. Kids beat the heat with ice cream cones from Scoops, and tour guides in big hoops skirts lead families donning visors and backpacks through the cobble stone and brick streets. It’s so full of life and adventure, which is so fun, but parking in lower town is a beast! Lindsey and Chris were patient enough to stalk out a parking spot so we could hike around for TWO HOURS. We did not intend on shooting that long, but we were having such fun, finding new spots and just letting Lindsey and Chris do their thing. I mean, they were basically models. I would get ready to instruct them, and I’d like whatever they were doing better than my pose.

I’m so glad we got a chance to meet up and share this summer evening together before their wedding. They were such rock stars, and after such a long day too. They had just packed up an entire house after a driving over 6 hours. Whoo! Lindsey and Chris just closed on a new house in the Carolinas and are so ready to tie the knot. And I’m so excited to witness and document that special day! With two fun people at the helm, you know it’s going to be fun!