Melkite Greek Catholic Wedding, Holy Transfiguration Church, McLean, VA

One of the things I love most about this job is being invited into rituals in such an intimate way. It’s a huge honor to be trusted with documenting a couple’s love, faith, and the spaces they hold dear.

Last year, Beth found me through Spoken Bride, a website devoted to helping Catholic brides and newlyweds through the hurdles and joys of engagement and marriage. Though we are both Catholic, Beth explained that their ceremony would be unlike any other mass I have had the pleasure of attending. (And I’ve photographed Spanish, Latin, and Italian masses!)

beth and aaron, melkite wedding, mcclean, va 2.jpg

Beth and Aaron had fallen in love with each other for many reason, but a big one was their mutual faith. And the pair had fallen in love with the Eastern Rites and Tradition of the Catholic Church during their courtship. They decided to wed in a Melkite Greek church in Fairfax County, VA, and after experiencing this ceremony first hand, I can see why. It. Was. Beautiful.

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The space itself was bright and adorn with candles galore. Bright and vibrant icons venerated saints and the holy family. Awe inspiring relics flanked the tetrapod. Incense accompanied the priest’s words, seeming to raise the ceremony to the heavens. And my favorite feature was the singing of the clergy. There must have been 8 men, young and old, serving the sacrament around the tetrapod and they seemed to be a choir. It sounded amazing. I saw that a sister-in-law was recording the ceremony and I was so grateful that they would have the audio from this sacrament.

After the ceremony, everyone headed over to the charming Fairfax Hunting Club in Reston, VA. The fields and woods gave us plenty of spaces to take bridal party portraits and romantic portraits of Beth and Aaron. And the staff was so nice. After working for years in the wedding industry, I can tell you, these things matter!

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Bethany and Aaron, your marriage, centered on Christ, will be as beautiful as your ceremony. Crowned as a domestic church in the family of the One Holy King. Thank you so much for inviting me to witness your union and to document it for your recollection. I hope your albums will help you remember each beautiful facet of the first day of your marriage.