A Hometown Wedding, Wardensville, WV


Karen and Aaron’s wedding was filled with personal touches that were really endearing. Karen a fan of 50’s fashion and Star Wars donned a vintage wedding dress from the era along with the pearls her mother wore on her own wedding day. Aaron had designed the canary yellow gemstone based off a design popular in the 50’s.

All of these fun vintage touches were paired with fun, lighthearted, references to the bride’s favorite movie. Even the date, May 4th, paid homage to the franchises’ catchphrase. “May the force be with you” = “May the fourth be with you.” Guests were hinted at the connection in the invitation suite which subtly featured C3-PO and then greeted at the ceremony entrance with hand-painted signage declaring “together we can rule the galaxy,” with a bust of Darth Vader. At the reception, the cake, topped with something shiny, beckoned you closer. Upon closer inspection, the silhouette was not a traditional bride and groom, but rather Princess Leia and Han Solo beside the words, “I love you. I know.”

The wedding mirrored it’s couple, equal parts sweet and funny, traditional and unique, reverent and cheeky. I had such fun celebrating their union and know their guests did too. I only wish we could do it again!

Wardensville WV Lutheran Church
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