Nick and Paige, Harper's Ferry Fall Engagement

I’m writing this between unloading the dishwasher and helping my kids dip homemade doughnuts in sprinkles. It’s a fall day, and it finally feels like one. (Give me all the cider) Almost all of September was dry and hot; Nick and Paige’s engagement session was no exception despite it being at the very end of the month.

harper's ferry engagement session, fall

Honestly, Paige, Nick, and I were just happy to find a little bit of orange and yellow peaking through the trees. Nick was a trooper in his suit, despite it being almost 90 degrees. We were going to get that fall feeling come hell or high water! And I have to say, I think we got it!

I’m very excited to be shooting this adorable couple’s wedding at St. James Catholic Church, in Charles Town, WV this coming summer. I often attend mass at St. James, which has an Sunday evening service, when I’m out of town for Saturday weddings. The people of St. James have worked really hard to create a beautiful worship space and they have a thriving community. And now, having had the opportunity to enjoy the company of Paige and Nick, I know it’s going to be an amazing day. Nick and Paige met in college at Franciscan University of Steubenville, where Nick had to work hard to get Paige’s romantic interests! But his kind heart and dedication to the faith and his family won her over. Be still my heart. Now they are this fun couple that is always smiling and laughing. Nick seems like such a gentleman, always helping Paige in these tiny ways that show his affection. And the way Paige looks up at Nick is so endearing, like she trusts him implicitly.

So, until June, enjoy swooning over these engagement photos. I’m sure they are only a precursor to the awesome images we’ll capture on their wedding day.

nick and paige blog collage 2.jpg
Claire Watson