Emma Stone, Harper's Ferry Senior Pictures

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I met Emma through our church's youth group and she's always been so fun to be around! Emma is a smart, kind, and athletic young woman. She's moving down to North Carolina for college soon and joining the soccer program down there! We had a couple of bruises and scars to work around and I kinda loved that! Lol! I halfway wanted to show off her skinned arm, haha! Battle scars, right!? 

senior photography harpers ferry
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senior photographer, martinsburg, wv
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harpers ferry senior photos

I'm sure Emma will conquer whatever college puts before her. She's determined and motivated- I just hope she makes time for fun too! Best of luck, Emma! I know your family is so proud of you already and is excited to see what paths you choose in the next few years. Breathe in this special time and be grateful for the opportunities placed before you, girlfriend. You're a blessed lady and well-deserving of the same! 

senior photography, harper's ferry
harper's ferry senior pictures
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senior photographer harpers ferry
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