Anne & PJ, Married! Shepherdstown, WV, backyard wedding

Anne and PJ are some of the most genuine people you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. While their wedding paid great attention to each detail, most lovingly handcrafted by the bride and her friends and family, the clear focus of the couple was on their guests. The couple delivered a short speech during the reception to explain the absence of many wedding traditions; there was no first dance (except for the uncontainable jig celebrating the Bride’s home place when the band played “Rocky Top”), no ceremonial cutting of the cake (even though there was a grand spread of delicious cakes) , and no bouquet or garter toss (who would want to throw such a delicate heirloom bouquet?!). Instead, explained Anne and PJ, they wanted to spend the time after their vows with those who came to celebrate, engaging in conversations, laughter, and memories. If you’re a wedding photographer, you might have had some anxiety reading that. A few people exclaimed, “what was there to photograph then?!” The answer: portraits of loved ones, shared glances, s’more roasting, talks around the kitchen table, … plenty. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Anne and PJ’s wedding day and can’t wait to hear what kind of memories they make over the next year as newlyweds. Congratulations you two. Be well and take care of one another!