Wedding Planning Tip: Trello


Do you have a million emails going back and forth between all the MVPs in your wedding? To yourself? (Am I the only one who sends herself reminder emails?) Wedding planning has a million to-do lists and can be kind of a bear to manage. And if you’re delegating tasks (smart!) you still have to check-in with your helpers to keep an eye on those always shortening deadlines! Fortunately, I’ve learned about a new website/app that is immensely helpful in all areas of life organization, but especially wedding planning! Enter Trello!

trello wedding template
trello wedding template

A Trello board is a webpage that contains lists so you can see the big picture and then drill down into specific tasks. As a visual learner and list-lover, I appreciate how you have categories with individual cards. When you click into a card, you can add checklists, images, attachments, deadline dates, colored labels, and discussion notes. Boom, life managed.

trello bridal party board
trello bridal party board

You can make to-do lists and assign tasks to different users. So to give you an example, I can ask my sister to help me corral all the guests’ addresses for invitations before a certain deadline and then she can upload them as an attachment right within the board. Then the calligrapher can pull the addresses directly from the board. At any time, you can message any of the users within the board itself by starting a note with @username, and it will go straight to their regular email inbox!

“@sister, cousin Maureen just got engaged, can you find out Ben’s last name and add it to the excel sheet for @calligrapher?”


“@fiance, don’t forget to upload the quotes from our top band picks!”

trello seating arrangement
trello seating arrangement

Trello Seating Arrangement Board from Trello Blog. You can even copy their templates here.

It also has an app, but I’m a website lover, so I stick to the desktop version. But if I was wedding planning again, I’d definitely want it on my phone too!

And the best part, it’s FREE! You can add on different business tools at a fee, but everything you need to manage your life and wedding planning is available at no cost. Plus you can have multiple boards. Honeymoon board- boom! Graduate School applications board- boom! Buying a house board- boom! Anything where you need a top-level overview of a big project plus searchable, shareable, lists and reminders.

Hope this helps! Happy Planning!






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