Rachel Jackman + David Link, Rustic Poor House Farm Wedding, Martinsburg, WV

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Some time ago, David Link fell in love with a sweet and sassy woman named Rachel. The feeling was mutual, but unexpectedly, Rachel fell head over heels for his daughter Kaylee too. These sweet relationships grew and budded into a little family over the past year and with that love, a man asked a woman to share the rest of their lives together.

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Rachel's wore a lace embellished, and crystal beaded ball gown with a cathedral length veil. She carried a peony and garden rose bouquet with silvery green eucalyptus leaves with other greenery designed by Bells and Bows florist.

The bridal party got ready at a friends house- the ladies upstairs, and the gents downstairs around a pool table.

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Rachel and Dave held their wedding at Poor House Farm in Martinsburg, WV. The venue is a gorgeous stone barn around a small lake and forested area. Rain moved the ceremony inside, but the cozy venue was so full of love that nobody minded.

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Dave, is a pretty stoic guy- doesn't seem to get too shaken up over things. But when saying his vows, he got a little choked up when recounting Rachel's skill at becoming Kaylee's step mom. Rachel not only said her vows to Dave, which were beautifully penned, but also made vows to Kaylee. Not a dry eye in the house, you guys. Seriously, I was praying my shots were in focus and holding my breath because I was trying not to have an embarrassing moment in the aisle. haha!

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But beyond all the sweet tender moments of the ceremony, this wedding was most definitely a celebration. Rachel's closest friends were beautiful hilarious women who rocked their roles as bridesmaids and got the party started! Dave's groomsmen were handsome, helpful, and a hoot. I had such a great time celebrating Rachel and Dave's union with their families and friends.

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Fortunately the rain cleared out and we had an opportunity to sneak away for some bride and groom time! Give me a girl in a cathedral veil, and I'll always be happy!

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Thank you so much Rachel and Dave for allowing me to memorialize your wedding day. I wish you a long life full of love, laughter, and only happy tears! Cheers!

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