Thank you notes made easy


A big thank you to guest writer Sarah Ann of ! Once you’ve read her helpful advice, be sure to check out some of her beautiful designs. I’m particularly smitten with her envelope calligraphy! Gold hand lettering on an emerald green envelope?! Yes please!

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Of all the wedding to-do’s, one in particular is always guaranteed to be fun: stocking your wedding registry! You pick out amazing items for your new home together; people buy them for you… what could be better?!

You’ll definitely want to thank all your loved ones for contributing these items to your celebration. However, some couples find the idea of writing 100+ thank you notes to be a bit daunting; it’s easy to understand why. But thank you notes are non-negotiable! Though modern technology has allowed some formal etiquette traditions to fade, handwritten thank you notes are still an absolute must.

Here are a few tips to make thank you notes so much easier from the very beginning:

  • Buy stationery you love. Maybe it’s just me, but I think writing thank you notes is so much easier when I get to look at pretty stationery while I get them done. For a really polished aesthetic, consider ordering thank you notes designed to complement your DFW wedding stationery suite. I often recommend purchasing customized notes with the monogram or crest from your invitation design. Custom notecards that are not specific to “thank you” ensure versatile and timeless correspondence for years to come.
  • Start a consistent list. Track gifts in one (and only one!) particular place. Whether you have a bridal notebook, or a dedicated list on your phone, find something that works for you. As soon as you receive a wedding present, write the name of the object (or type it, if you’re a digital gal) along with the name of the generous giver on your list.
  • Bring the list to showers. Let your maid of honor add to the list at any bridal showers or celebratory brunches. This will be much easier than trying to remember gifts later on!
  • Write notes as you receive gifts. Don’t let your thank you’s pile up too high. You won’t want to come home from a relaxing honeymoon to a massive list of thank you notes that still need to be written. Do as much as you can before the wedding; after the knot has been tied, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Make it fun! When you return from the wedding, wrap up any remaining thank you’s alongside your new spouse. Why not make it something fun to enjoy together? Order a pizza, put on some tunes, and knock out any remaining notes together in one sitting. Many hands make light work!SALUTATION Dear Uncle John and Aunt Rachel,GIFT REFERENCE The fine china is a beautiful addition to our new home. THANKS AGAIN We sincerely appreciate your prayer and support leading up to our wedding day; thank you for being a part of this treasured celebration.Voila! Thank you notes made easy. Even if they seem like a pesky item on your to-do list, don’t skimp on this imperative etiquette requirement. Your loved ones have been generous enough to gift you an entire registry; it’s well worth your time to drop a note in the mail to express your gratitude.Best of luck!
  • Hopefully, with these tips in mind, thank you notes will be a bit simpler. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have them done in no time! Feel free to reach out if you’re seeking custom thank you notes to complement your DFW wedding stationery suite; I love crafting those special details for my couples.
  • SIGNED Love, Robert and Samantha Peterson  (isn’t it exciting to use your new last name?!)
  • MAKE IT PERSONAL We have no doubt it will serve us well for years to come, and it will always be a reminder of your love!
  • INTRODUCTORY THANKS Thank you so much for celebrating this special milestone with us, and for sending such a generous wedding gift.
  • So, now that you have a game plan… what do you write? I’ll make it easy for you with a basic formula guaranteed to work for almost every note: