Kelly's Bridal Shower


I met Kelly Hayes in second grade when I transferred to a new school. My old school was literally next door, so it was really strange that I had to make all these new friends. Fortunately, there were a few nice girls who decided an outspoken, crazy, new girl could be tolerated.

Kelly was sweet and shy. She didn’t speak out too much, but was pretty damn good at 4-square. Then as we moved onto middle school, Kelly came into her own. She grew into this beautiful girl with a quick wit and hilarious sense of humor. She threw the best parties where we ate too many pixie sticks and soaked in her parent’s hot tub. She was always up for embarrassing ourselves in the name of comedy. Along with our other friends, we pulled a lot of ridiculous but harmless pranks that probably wouldn’t have been funny to anyone but us.


Kelly’s other passion is fashion and pink. This girl LOVES pink. She loves sharp dressed men and always had super high standards. She didn’t date very much in college or high school because she didn’t waste her time with guys she wasn’t impressed with! (High five, amIright?!) But when she met Derek, sparks flew and he was a perfect match. Literally. This guy would wear pink to match her, that takes a pretty manly man, if you ask me! But beyond that, they have the same sense of humor and adventure. They both love Mountaineer Football and being out and about with friends on the town. I’m so glad my friend has found her soul mate!


So when Kelly asked me to be a Bridesmaid, I was honored and super excited. Our bride tribe has been planning this shower for a couple months now and we’re so happy how it turned out. It was a fun day and great opportunity to celebrate this one-of-a-kind friend and her love story!