Kora, Martinsburg Senior

Kora Ostrowski Senior-26

What is with all you seniors looking so grown up and polished! When I was a senior I did NOT look like this! Heck, I don't look like this now! I jokingly asked Kora to shape my eyebrows, lol. #kiddingnotkidding

Kora Ostrowski Senior-22

I had a blast hopping around Shepherdstown with Kora last week, and it was especially cool because Kora's going to be a Ram this fall! She'll have lots of fun walking up and down German Street over the next four years!

Kora Ostrowski Senior-3
Kora Ostrowski Senior-5
Kora Ostrowski Senior-13

I shoot in Shepherdstown a ton so I was on a mission to find new spots and angles for this session and I LOVE how these turned out. Forcing yourself to find a new perspective, even when your tried and true spots are available, is a great way to get a fresh look. Now, we may have got busted TWICE by posing Kora on the front steps of beautiful homes, but come on, you cannot have that pretty of a front porch and not expect rando-photographers to perch models nearby. haha! (Thank you, patient home owners of German Street!)

Kora Ostrowski Senior-29
Kora Ostrowski Senior-40
Kora Ostrowski Senior-47
Kora Ostrowski Senior-59
Kora Ostrowski Senior-57

I was also really happy when Kora said she was definitely an outdoor kinda girl. So towards the end of our session, when the light was soft and golden, we headed out to my new favorite spot- a hidden little field off the side of the road. Horray for golden hour light and models who aren't afraid to sit in the weeds for a good shot!

Kora Ostrowski Senior-63
Kora Ostrowski Senior-68
Kora Ostrowski Senior-86

I'm totally loving these! Kora's long dark hair and romantic dress are the perfect compliment to the natural background. And I love how the sunset is painted ever so slightly on the side of her face.

It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Kora- she's such a sweet girl and really seems to be centered and grounded. Turns out she's going to Indonesia in a few weeks for a mission trip- holy moly! Say a quick prayer for her group's safety and for the hearts of those they are seeking to serve!

Kora Ostrowski Senior-87
Kora Ostrowski Senior-101
Kora Ostrowski Senior-60

A big thank you to Kora and her family for inviting me to document this special time in Kora's life! She's a real joy and you have so much to be proud of!

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