baby shower

This past Friday, some of my co-workers and I threw our sweet law-clerk a little sprinkling! She's expecting her second boy here in a few months and we couldn't let the occasion go uncelebrated! It was a humble little party, but it was great to show her how excited we are for their growing family! tessabowersshower-6tessabowersshower-4tessabowersshower-8tessabowersshower-1tessabowersshower-5tessabowersshower-2tessabowersshower-17tessabowersshower-20tessabowersshower-25tessabowersshower-26tessabowersshower-34tessabowersshower-31tessabowersshower-32tessabowersshower-7tessabowersshower-9tessabowersshower-11tessabowersshower-36

Claire Watson