Trey Hull, Spring Mills Senior Pictures, Shepherdstown, WV

trey-39 I've known this senior for about two years now. Trey was one of the first members of our  church's youth group when my husband and I volunteered to reboot the program. He introduced us to Spartan Dodgeball (at which, by the way, I am terrible) and always brings a lot of energy to our events. I wish him all the luck and success in the world, but I'll definitely miss his energy and humor.




Trey graduates from Spring Mills High School this spring and hopes to attend West Liberty University near Wheeling, WV, next fall. If memory serves, this future Hilltopper wants to study criminal justice and has an interest in law enforcement and national security.



Hurricane Matthew, though hundreds of miles away, made Saturday blustery and rainy. So we were scrambling to adjust our schedules for Sunday's shoot. Fortunately, Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous clear day. So we popped around downtown Shepherdstown and Shepherd College for some nice bright portraits.




Our big finale was going to be this awesome shoot at the Shepherd College pool. Trey is a swimmer, specializing in the fly, so I wanted to capture some action shots, including a dramatic diving picture. I have this awesome idea to use flash behind Trey's head to freeze gigantic splashes and tiny mist, but that will have to wait. The pool closed unexpectedly early that day and we got locked out. Since that was the part we both were most excited about, we agreed to regroup in January and try again. Stay tuned for those images!



In any case, Trey rocked this session and was a real trooper. Towards the end, I was just yelling, "And new pose! click. and new pose! click." Trey was nailing it until we finally ran out and were just standing there like Ricky Bobby. We even snapped with his girlfriend to give her a preview (and show her just how crazy his photographer was.)

Thanks Trey & family for inviting me to celebrate this milestone year with you. Trey's a great kid and you've got a lot to be proud of.



Claire Watson is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Martinsburg, WV; she joyfully serves clients in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.


Claire Watson