Quick Tip: Cloud Storage you may already have!

If you're an Amazon Prime member you have access to unlimited photo storage on their cloud server! I wouldn't recommend it as your only source of storage- your photos will probably be deleted or at least inaccessible if you ever terminate your membership, but it's a great back up system. Piren+¦polis-65

I personally store really important documents and photographs in triplicate: my desktop computer, an external hard drive, and on a cloud account. When I have my personal family photos taken, I also send the gallery to my mom and she saves them to her computer. I suggest the same for my clients. That may seem like overkill, but in my view, it's never if my computer will fail, it's when. 


And arguably the most important fail safe- prints. I have canvases, albums, and prints of the images I really treasure. The CD that my wedding photos are on were soooo difficult to get into an album because my Mac desktop doesn't even have a DVD/CD drive. My old super slow laptop did, so I had to use that computer, then upload them to the cloud, then download them from the cloud to my computer (seriously, it was like a week of work). Only then was I able to upload them into my album builder. Now that I have that beautiful, hand stitched, leather album- I'm so grateful! I can view my favorite images again. Technology outdates so quickly- it's good to have the old fashion stuff you can hold in your hands.


And, if, God forbid, our house burns down, I'll have the images on the cloud and at my mama's house.

Hopefully this helps you protect your treasured images!


Claire Watson is a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in Martinsburg, WV; she serves clients in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

Claire Watson