Jeff + Cathy, Anniversary Session at Camp Frame, Hedgesville, WV


I've known Jeff Orndorff since I was about twelve years old. He ran the West Virginia State Camps at Jackson's Mill, and holds a special place in thousands of 4-Her's hearts. His wife Cathy Orndorff is a legend in her own rite and is the Director of Digital Services at WVU. I didn't get to know Cathy until I was a little older- but she always impressed me because she was this capable professional woman who also exuded warmth and enthusiasm.



When Jeff and Cathy's daughter, Jessica, contacted me about an anniversary session I was so excited. The Orndorff's four children, Jessica, Sarah, Meredith, and Joel, wanted to gift their parents with an anniversary photography session at the place they met, Camp Frame in Hedgesville, WV. How sweet and thoughtful is that?!


Jeff and Cathy met as camp instructors as young college students while working the Berkeley County 4-H camp.  Because of strict fraternization rules, they couldn't begin their courtship at camp, but they did become friends. That friendship blossomed into romance, then into love, and then a beautiful marriage. This year the couple celebrated 40 years wed and I couldn't be happier for them.



I want anniversary sessions to take off like engagement sessions have. Love is a wonder and marriage should be celebrated beyond the cutting of the cake! These two are going strong after 4 kids and 40 years- I'd say that deserves a victory lap! ... and maybe more cake. Cake is always a good idea.


Thank you so very much Orndorff clan for allowing me to celebrate with you!  It was an honor and I can't wait until July when we can celebrate another marriage!    ;)





From this day forward,

you shall not walk alone.

My heart will be your shelter,

and my arms will be your home.




Claire Watson is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Martinsburg, WV; she joyfully serves clients in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.



Claire Watson