Should you tip your wedding vendors?

Tipping customs are always a little fuzzy. Unless you're dining with a large group, tipping is usually optional and subjective. And the rules change given the location and service. If you've ever been lucky enough to travel outside of the U.S., you may have already done some tip research. In Asia, a tip may be interpreted as "you aren't hospitable enough to provide service without a bribe." Yikes- Get the Fodor's guidebook out.
You don't really have to worry about disrespecting a vendor if your nuptials are being performed in the states, but couples still have a lot of questions about who to tip and how much. To make matters worse, we often don't consider the issue until the end of the wedding planning process, after your finished with your budget and you've already forked over no measly amount! It can be a real stressor to suddenly realize you might be expected to pay even more!

Claire Watson