Family Photographer, Shepherdstown, WV

slaydenfamily-47 This shoot has been a long time in the making! This family, like so many, is just super busy.

Yikes! We are so over scheduled next few months. Prom and two games on 30th, game tbd on May 7th, June 4th I think Anna is on her girls trip. Family is coming to visit in April and May and Anna is graduating May. It's crazy!

Really want to make a priority since Anna going off to college (whaaaa 😪😥)



But that's life! We must have sent a dozen dates back and forth until we settled on our June evening. It was a perfect summer evening and we got some beautiful pictures walking around the historic neighborhood of Shepherdstown, WV.



And they brought the charming Fannie Mae too! Isn't she so sweet!? I couldn't help but grin behind my camera when the dad, Rob, lit up with such a genuine smile cuddling with that pooch! He only smiled bigger when I asked him to smooch his wife! Heart officially melted.



I just sent the Slayden family their online gallery while they are squeezing in a family vacation and hope they love the images as much as I do. I'm so glad they are getting a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company. Time flies so quickly and it's so important to make time for the really important stuff.


A big thank you to the Slaydens for allowing me to photograph their beautiful family. I feel truly humbled that,  in carving out time from your hectic schedules, you chose me to document this beautiful stage of life!  God bless and enjoy each other!



Claire Watson