Downtown Photography, Martinsburg, WV

martinsburg walk around with emily 1 About four years ago, before I had a baby, before I was married, and just after I had moved to the Eastern Panhandle, a pretty young woman sat down in front of me in church. I couldn't help but notice how purposefully she participated in the mass.

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With the intention of introducing her to my then boyfriend's roommate sitting beside me, because I cannot help myself from trying to match up Catholics, I tapped her on the shoulder after mass. "Hi! I'm Claire Brown! Are you new here?"

martinsburg walk around with emily 5

She was. She was originally from Nebraska and had moved here for a job promotion. We forced her to be our friend and she, as a new Martinsburg resident, accepted our bbq invitations and invited us along on winery tours. No romance ever kindled between her and that roommate, but a deep friendship blossomed between the two of us.

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Now Emily is moving onto another promotion. She leaves Friday for Minnesota. It's a great opportunity, closer to her family, and she'll be living in a fun town that a young gal will really enjoy. So I'm happy for her but I'm jealous.... of Minnesota.  They better know how lucky they are!

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So we decided to bop around downtown Martinsburg last night to get some shots of this town's architectural elements for a little album for posterity. (We also had a waffle bar party- maybe I'll post those later too.)

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I'll miss my dear friend but am so grateful that God let me meet Emily. She's one of those people that brings sunshine and grace with her. She effortlessly calls people to be better versions of themselves without even knowing it. She's the kind of person I want to be.

So with that, I bid my friend farewell and wish her the best of luck in her new adventure.

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Claire Watson