O Brasil!

Are you a over-preparer like me? Do you focus on what-if scenarios and try to prepare for fairly unlikely situations? I went to Brazil for a week to visit my brother-and-sister-in-law and new nephew. I crammed Portuguese for two weeks because I was afraid of getting split up from my family. I still didn't know how to understand directions to the embassy, but I sure as heck knew how to say, "A woman eats an apple" and "The tiger belongs to us."  Duo Lingo is a great online learning tool, but it sure makes you learn some weird things before getting to the more pertinent, "Ow! Call an ambulance!"


Fortunately the people of Brazil are very kind and patient. A sincere try coupled with charades got us far and we enjoyed learning more within the city of Brasilia. (For example, locals say they live in the Brazil, translated to "O Brasil," which you exclaim with excitement... okay maybe only if you're totally in tourist mode.)   Apparently another favorite expression in the predominately Catholic country is "Nossa Seniora!" which means "Our Lady!" referring to the Virgin Mary. As someone who loves her Catholic faith, I got a big kick out of this.


Believe it or not, I always have to force myself to take pictures when on vacation. I know! I know! Doctor, heal thyself! Right? But I love taking pictures of people. Really, the only time I take landscapes is when I feel like it gives the overall portrait story more depth. But on vacations, I have to remind myself to pull out the camera! I almost feel like I took better vacation pictures when I was a kid and shot film because I knew I had x amount of exposures and was always looking for the best shot to use them on. And I knew I just had to drop off the film after the vacation instead of uploading them to lightroom. Maybe I'm weird! Maybe I should get back into film!

I only took one lens with me to Brazil. My 24-105 mm. This lens has a pretty narrow maximum aperture at f/4 and so I don't like to use it in low light situations unless I'm packing flash. However, it's an L series canon lens and it pretty darn sharp. So it worked great for the outdoor pictures and provided a wide range of focal lengths. It's a good, versatile lens for a vacations. (I also like it for receptions where the dance music is bumping and nobody minds another flash of light!)


So most of these pictures are just snap shots of little day trips or meals we had with our family. We went down there as Godparents of my two-month old nephew for his baptism and stayed with his parents. It was the first stamp in our baby girl's passport too! (Ask me for tips on flying ten plus hours with a baby!)  So we weren't club hopping in South America, though I bet that would be fun too! Can't wait for the next trip!





Claire Watson