Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Martinsburg, WV

Is there anything more precious than a new baby? This little one was born 3 weeks early- so tiny! Joe and Chas are good friends of ours and I was thrilled to come into their home with my camera when their little nugget was still adjusting to the world outside.

Lot of newborn shoots are long arduous events where a photographer brings an arsenal of props and a space heater. If you ever decide to photograph your baby in a basket, the tog will crank up the heat to 80 and wait an hour for that little bambino to fall asleep. Then she'll carefully unfold his hands (newborns usually sleep with their hands in little fists) and position him just so. If you were to step back out of the frame, you'd see a beanbag type of cushion with a photo prop blanket draped over it.

These render lovely images that harken back to that whole Anne Geddes vibe. But I'm a romantic. I love real life. I love the quiet and the ruckus. Like in this picture, daughter is not a happy camper. She wanted to nurse! I want to capture all that... it's important to me, and I'm so grateful that people share that vision. It fills me with humility to think that someday when this little one is graduating college, Chas can look back wistfully and remember just how small she was, or how she held her when she was so depended upon that she actually had the privilege of feeding her baby girl with her body. This stuff is beautiful, and dare I say it, sacred! (Don't worry Chas, I'm not posting the nursing photos!)



Maybe someday this little girl will ask her dad what their first home looked like, and Joe will be able to show her this photo of her first room, lovingly prepared before she was even born.


And see the snuggly blankets before they faded from years of use.

KinserNewbornColor-14And maybe I'm just a sap who loves babies and families. ;) And maybe I'm totally okay with that. Thanks again guys. I loved being a part of your story.