Hi there!

I'm a wedding photographer who specializes in creating joyful, authentic, and enduring images.  I want to work with couples who are real and genuinely excited about becoming husband and wife. I want to give couples tangible memories of the first day of their life-long marriage. I want to help them celebrate now and remember the moments that might slip away without a reminder. I want the albums on your coffee table and prints on your walls to spark conversations about who celebrated with you on your wedding day, and how, and why you love them.  

If  you're looking for a photographer who wants to understand your story, and isn't just taking pictures for her portfolio; if you're looking for a photographer with whom you can laugh and relax; if you're looking for a professional who's been there and will happily answer all your questions (photography-related or not!); if you're looking for a photographer that you can trust, so you don't have to worry if she got the shot, reach out.   Let's have a real conversation about whether we're a good fit. 


And because I believe getting to know me will help you decide whether we're a good fit,  I'd love to tell you a little about myself!



I grew up easy in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. I spent my summers around campfires, s'mores, and fireflies. I have the sweetest and funniest parents you could ever wish for and an extended family that helped shape me into the person I am and hope to be. I went to WVU for college, where I majored in business administration, then earned my J.D. at WVU Law School.


I pursue photography because I LOVE serving people both in the present and the future. I feel fulfilled when I get to help my subjects see their natural, God-given beauty and it gets my heart all aflutter knowing that I will be aiding their memory years from now! Over the years, photography has turned from hobby, to side-hustle, to calling.


I met my hilarious, gorgeous, thoughtful husband in law school and fell head-over-heels, beyond reason and logic, in-love with the most wonderful man I've ever met. (And I know a lot of really great people!) He's way out of my league, but loves me for my soul, so I rest easy in our love and just thank God for bringing us together. We have a beautiful little girl and little boy here on earth and two babies in heaven. We could not be happier in this tiring, but joyful season of life.

I'm glad you're here and hope to hear a little bit about YOU!


Fun facts 


My husband makes fun of some of my country turn of phrases, but I think it's crazy he's never heard them before!
Some typical phrases include "whopperjawed," "whipstitch," and "boar tit." Okay that last one might be legitimately odd!


I grew up in 4-H and probably know more campfire songs than your grandma.


My husband and I are textbook extroverts and both laugh way too loud- so our kids are probably doomed to be slightly obnoxious too.


I'm also an attorney, licensed in WV, and love using the left side of my brain too! I specialize in complex business litigation and nerd-out over  shareholder derivative suits.


I get homesick for the mountains. I still live in WV, but a fairly flat area. Every now and then, I just have to take a trip to the hills for my soul!


I love love and firmly believe the greatest love stories of our time are recorded in the Holy Bible and on the hearts of believers. My daughter is named after St. Katherine of Sienna and the Blessed Mother, my son after St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Joseph,  because of their tenacity and boundless love.